Photography – Marine Corps Half Marathon 2016

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May 15, 2016: Yesterday's run was split between the runner and the pit crew in a vintage "Vaughn-style" way of doing things.

The runner part was pretty straight forward. Wait for the sound of the gun and follow the crowd.

Behind the scenes the command center powered up over breakfast at the local IHOP. Dad had already set up his phone ap with an instant text notification for when the RFD picked up the signal from my bib RFD tag crossing the detector.

They spread out the Marine Corps half marathon map on the table after properly dabbing the remains of coffee from mouth corners and developed a strategy to intercept the runner with a camera and energy boosting cheers. Four to five strategic spots were selected and the pathways between blocked streets were planned in advance. And then they moved out.

The first sighting was on a familiar street; the road leading to the campus of Mary Washington University (where Scott and Ryan spent the past 6 years). Then a drive to the campus parking where they could easily reach three spots by foot, and at last, drive to the finish line.

Only once did they miss their mark. Val even declined my hitch-hiker plea to pick me up at mile 10. I'm sure the boys had more fun than I that day – the story still makes me smile!